Find a Work of Art That... (Week 3)


Welcome to Week 3, Hangout with Art participants!

Recap: Say It With Art
Last week, we "gave" works of art to friends and family. Some conversations touched on the art historical meaning behind a work of art; others lightened the stress of mouse problems (all told: many animals, good and bad, this week!). And one participant offers a great idea--don't just give a work of art to someone, but ask them to give one to you

This Week: Find a Work of Art That...
This week, we invite you to visit your local museum or gallery and find a work of art that... In this activity, you'll get a prompt that will guide you to a specific piece, which you'll share with a group of family or friends. Don't forget to let us know what piece (and prompt!) you chose on social media by tweeting us @mam_courses or using the #hangoutwithart hashtag.

See you next week!
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Say It With Art (Week 2)


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Say It With Art
It's the second week of the course, which means it's time to get started on our second activity, Say It With Art. This is a great activity to try with a friend in person at a museum, or use the Google Art Project online to send an artwork to a loved one who's far away. 

Join the conversation!
We're already seeing active conversations on our Twitter hashtag #hangoutwithart. Here's a great conversation one participant began as part of last week's Object Story activity.

If you don't have Twitter, not to worry--you can still view these conversations online at #hangoutwithart.

See you next week!
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